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The 2023 improvement of the Great Room has started.

  • The interior side walls were gutted.

  • The wood ledge was sanded to remove the dark stain.

  • Electrical plugs and switches were relocated. 

  • Tar paper and T-111 were installed on the side walls. 

  • 3 windows on the side walls were eliminated.

  • 2 windows on the side walls were prepared for the installation of casement windows.

  • Heaters in the Great Room were cleaned and inspected. One heater requires a new motor (purchased and to be installed)

  • Below the ledge, insulation and wood wainscoting (horizontally) will be installed.

  • Electrical switches are being relocated. 

The heaters in the Great Room are being cleaned, and all three will be operational for this season.

The work shown in the video was completed early in June. The members involved were Al Modugno, Bill Vallier, Robert Ams, Mark Davis, Simion Foustanas, and Sue

Please contact Robert Ams (609)651-2852 if you can help continue/finish this project.

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